Stainless vessels for the chemistry-, groceries- and medical industry


With the brand name of Amsta, stainless steel vessels are made with the same focus and feeling for quality and handicraft today as it was in the 1940's when Amsta was founded. At that time the production was focused on different kinds of domestic articles and garden products. There are still vessels made today with the retro-touch of the mid twentieth's century. In the base supply, there are vessels with different purposes and they are made from as little as 0,5 liters and up to 150 liters. The options are wide and all vessels can be designed by yourself with a multiple set up with accessories.


We take advantage from the different production methods and the special made machines to create unique possibilities for the making of stainless products to a whole line for areas of application. That has helped our Eskilstuna located factory to keep making legoproduced products in the high-end area.


From the legoproduction, we are today shipping products to companies within e.g. medicine production, the energy business, design & furnishing and the packaging industry.

Over 30 years of experience

A choice made by you. We create functional vessels where high finish and quality are demanded for qualification.


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We stand for tradition, handicraft and to always be a top of the line performer, that is our goal.