About us

Today, the production consists of 70% own products and 30% of products manufactured according to customer drawings (lego production).

The goal for the future is to increase the proportion of lego to at least 50%.


Founded 1946 in Kolbäck (Amsta) by three co-founders that had been working together with similar productions. Among the three owners, one was specialized within the production branch, one within the administrative branch and the third was a silent partner.


The greatest product at the begginning was a modified "FINA-kanna" (a tea pot) that was very popular in the 40-50's.


A moment later the silent owner was bought out from the company. When the next generation was made owners, the major stockholder bought the rest of the stock to run the company by himselft until it was bought by Idesta Kök in Eskilstuna. Shortly after, the production was established in the Idesta Kök's premises in Eskilstuna where it is run today.

FINA tea pot - one of the first products of Amsta.

FINA tea pot - one of the first products of Amsta.


Produces stainless cylinder-shaped vessels with customers within the chemistry- and groceries industries.

Amsta is distinguished by


  • Great finish
  • Handicraft knowledge
  • Flexible production
  • Simplistic design

Products in the beginning

  • Fine boiler
  • Flagpole ball
  • Coffee brewer

Product manufactured today

  • Transport vessel
  • Breast bottles
  • Bottles